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Guide to Heating and Plumbing

Common Gas Water Heater Repairs
25.02.2016 19:09

Are you plagued with insufficient hot water when you need it the most? Don’t you get to enjoy warm and steamy baths, rather, you make do with lukewarm ones. Do you have to wait for long before your hot water supply is replenished after doing the laundry or when someone takes a shower? Or maybe you are bothered by a noisy water heater? Worst is you start seeing flames come out of the access opening once you turn on the burner. If your answer was “Yes” to all the questions, don’t put off an urgent gas water heater repair any longer.

Learn how to carry out common gas water heater repairs.

Here are the following steps you can do during a gas water heater repair in response to these particular issues:

  • No Hot Water –a pilot light that has gone out is the primary reason for having no hot water at all. If you are clueless on how to relight a pilot light, ask an expert to do it for you. Another reason for this is related to your gas supply. Inspect your heater’s gas cutoff valve as well as that of the gas tank and meter.
  • Pilot Light Won’t Light –suspect a broken valve, lack of gas, clog in your system or air in the gas line as the likely causes. The first thing you have to do is to check the gas supply. If you have gas, relight the pilot light. If nothing happens, it may be due to a clogged pilot orifice. Take it off and clean it. If the problem persists, it may be your gas supply line this time or perhaps a broken gas control valve. Give up with repair and accept that all it needs is a replacement.
  • The Pilot Light Does Not Stay Lit –check the thermocouple. It is responsible for handling the temperature measurement. Replace it if necessary. If your gas control valve is also broken, buy a replacement.
  • The Pilot Light Occasionally Goes Out –blame several issues for this one. Replace your thermocouple if it’s the one causing this problem. Or, you can also remove and clean the gas supply line or the pilot orifice. If nothing works, try it with the burner assembly. If it persists, buy a gas valve replacement. If still the same, blame a downdraft coming from the flue during especially windy days.
  • Too Hot Water –often due to short cycling, it makes your burner turn on constantly. If your problem is this, you might have a huge water storage tank. It may also be due to a stacking problem caused by nonstop draws from your hot water supply line. It can be likewise the result of a thermostat set very high. Your quick fix is to set it a little lower. Moreover, replace a faulty gas control valve if that is the reason for your problem.
  • Insufficient Hot Water –you can easily do a gas water heater repair with this one by adjusting the thermostat. It can also be related to overuse. After all, only half of your tank’s water supply is hot. The remaining is either cool or lukewarm. Reduce your hot water use to see if it fixes the problem. If it doesn’t work, just buy a bigger tank instead. It may also be due to a broken gas control valve or a faulty thermostat. Or you may simply clean the burner orifice to see if your hot water supply improves.
  • Your Water Heater Is Slow To Reheat –try putting your thermostat setting a little higher. You may also go with draining, flushing and cleaning your water storage tank if due to sediment buildup. Again, remove and clean a clogged burner orifice, or contact your gas supplier for low gas pressure issues. At times, you’d experience problems like this during winter. So, try giving your water heater a chance to rest by going somewhere warm for several days during the heating season.
  • Too Much Noise –a little noise is normal, but if it is too much, it may be due to sediment buildup. So, go clean your tank to boost its efficiency.
  • Flame Comes Out of the Access Opening –often due to a clogged burner. Take off the burner assembly and clean both the orifice and the burner. If it doesn’t work, it may be due to high gas pressure right from the source. Contact your gas supplier at once to have a look at this issue and do immediate gas water heater repair.

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